среда, 26 октября 2016 г.


Всем привет !
Увидела интересный проект в блоге Фабрика 212 под названием прорыв ) Стало очень интересно.

Всем вдохновение !

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  1. i disha..roshini here and i am from hyderabad...can u pls explain about this project at fabrika...do u speak hindi or english

    1. Hi. This the project on russian blog. There are 5 styles on scrapbooking and this is chellenge between you and others who making project. One week for one style. And you will see there master-class from Best team. I hope that you will understand my Enlish)))

    2. thanks a Disharani..i am surpeised how you know russian being in india